What Was That? - Over 100 sounds triggered when someone talks. Choose your sounds and record the prank!

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Vývojář: Chris Chauvin
1.99 USD

"What Was That?" gives you the power to prank your friends and coworkers, but also the ability to record their reactions.

Sounds are triggered by the sound level in the room through the adjustable threshold. No need for guess work with timers and no reliance on vibration. Sounds are triggered by people talking, phones ringing, or anything above the background noise. "What Was That?" waits until the sound level dies down again before playing your sound selections to react to the noise or voice to ensure the sound gets heard.

Begin by choosing from over 100 sounds from four sound categories (Male Voices, Female Voices, Scary Sounds, Sound FX). Press the play icon next to each sound for a preview. Turn on each sound you want. Choose sort to change the order in which they are played in the category or turn on the Random switch to play your selections in random order. You can also just use "Auto Sound Prank Recorder - What Was That?" to record anything going on in the room once the threshold is triggered by not choosing any sounds.

Press Start and adjust the threshold slider to the sound level in the room. Test it by creating a sound or talking at the appropriate distance from the device. Once youre satisfied, you can just leave the device, or press Start/Record to record. The app will continue to run when the phone is locked.

If you do want to record the reaction, first enter a name for your recording. Then, select "Start/Record".

To access your recordings, select the Recordings tab bar. Press the play icon next to the desired recording. Press again to stop. Use the Edit button at the top to remove any or all of recordings.

Devices: iPhone Only (Built in Microphone Required)

Coming Version 1.1 - Record your own sounds!

Most Scary sounds provided by Chris Ives Del Aguila at www.mysoundfx.com.